A.T.I.C. --- Romania

"Mereu in miscare!"

About A.T.I.C.

Asociația Tinerilor cu Initiativa Civica (Association of Youth with Civic Initiative) is a youth organization, apolitical, NGO that aims to drive the development of the Romanian society attracting young people towards active citizenship and promoting the local and national cultural values. A.T.I.C. was established in 2016 in Galați by a group of young people in order to contribute to the social and personal development of local youth. We are active in our community – working with children and youth from placement homes, poor families, old people, unemployed and facing other social problems. In order to realize our objectives, we cooperate with families, local authorities, primary schools, high schools and universities and we develop projects with them. Despite the fact we are a young organization, the key staff is very experienced in the NGO zone and Erasmus+ program, working in the field for more than 4 years, with very good results, in different positions and departments, among the local NGOs.

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